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Mike Wendt is a versatile and talented actor with a gift for bringing complex characters to life on screen. Although he may not be a household name, he has quietly been building an impressive body of work over the past few years. Mike first caught the attention of his friend and collaborator Steven on the food show "Wicked Bites," where he served as the host. From there, he transitioned into feature films and delivered a gripping performance in "The Unholy." However, it is his portrayal of Beast man in "Writer's Block" that truly showcases Mike's range as an actor. He seamlessly blends pain, rage, and love into his character, creating a work of art that is unforgettable.

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Jimmy C. Jules is a talented actor known for his memorable performances on both the big and small screens. He gained recognition for his role in "The Parody News Network" and has since appeared in several films including "R.I.P.D," "Knives Out," and "District C-11." Jimmy's portrayal of the guard in "Writer's Block" was praised for its authenticity and depth, showcasing his impressive range as an actor.

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